FACEBOOK begins to phase out ‘Likes’

The company has now officially started a test that will remove public visibility of Like, reaction and video view counts from people’s posts and ads across Facebook.


[I]t does present a problem for social media influencers, many of whom have built business models based entirely around Likes and the clout that comes with them.

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Jesse Ventura Says MSNBC Paid Him Millions to “Keep Quiet” About His Opposition to Iraq War

You read that right. MSNBC spent more money attempting to silence Jesse Ventura for three years than Russia supposedly spent on Facebook ads to influence American politics and because MSNBC effectively “owned” Ventura during that time, he “basically couldn’t talk to anyone.”

As Lee Camp so succinctly put it, “That goes to show how much the corporate media does not want people to be against war.”

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