Seth Rich Murder Revealed by Whistleblower Who Tells All! Boom!

A whistleblower with deep connections within government dropped bomb after bomb in this broadcast from   The first video is the entire interview which is a must listen while the second video is a summary of the hot details.

In one part the whistleblower named “John” talks about how the FBI runs the terror attacks on America by pushing people they have infiltrated to do them!  Just like the first WTC bombing they did!   And when these attacks are planned the FBI chiefs ask, “What’s the spread?” which means how many civilians can we kill with this operation!

Seth Rich was still alive when he got to the hospital.  There were two people that arrived at the hospital to make sure Seth Rich didn’t talk – Donna Brazille and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser!  Two weeks after Seth Rich was killed, Donna Brazille becomes the DNC chair!

Who Killed Seth Rich Revealed

John Interview Seth Rich

CONTINUE READING at — PLANET OF THE CHIMPS #2: Seth Rich Murder Revealed by Whistleblower Who Tells All! Boom! Tell Trump Now!


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